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Bozena, Krakow, experience with capsule Wortex

Krakow Wortex Bozena experience

About a month and a half ago, I felt terrible. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and unpleasant odor appear when going to the toilet. And the appetite is completely gone. Lost 4 kg in one month. I decided to test, and the results showed that there were parasites and worms.

I made an appointment with a doctor and he recommended buying Wortex capsules. I opened the official website of the manufacturer, read the reviews and decided to order. Why did I not purchase the pharmacy option? Because they have no effect, and this tool can only be used on the Internet. The product lasted 3 days. I came to the post office and paid for the order there.

The effect, overview and use results of the drug Wortex

Wortex capsule photos, application experience

The package was unwashed and I read the instructions to learn how to use the medicine. I started to drink a 5-day course of treatment, 2 capsules a day, washed down with a lot of water. Treatment with natural compounds produced good results. In just a week, I got rid of the worm and started to feel good. I have an appetite, the migraine is gone, and my bones don’t hurt anymore.

I did the second test and there were no parasites. This product uses only natural preparations. I am surprised that the drug Wortex successfully passed the clinical trial, but for some reason it did not enter the pharmacy. I read reviews on the Internet, and many of them are fake, so you need to buy capsules on the manufacturer's official website.